Be a Great Boss!

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As a manager, you can enhance your success and that of your team by being a great boss. An oft quoted adage is “people don’t leave bad jobs, they leave bad bosses.” A 2015 Gallup study confirmed the adage when in a survey of 7200 adults it was found that 50% of them have quit jobs because of bad managers. The same study also showed that employees who were “highly engaged” in their work were those who felt their bosses were approachable. Success at work is clearly linked to the relationship between workers and their managers. Authors Gino...

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How to Get Along With Your Boss

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Knowing how to get along with your boss can help you be happier and more successful in your job. Managers have a big role to play in an employee’s career. A study shows 66% of employees believe their bosses have a huge impact on their career. Successful supervisors ensure employee relations are well managed to ensure success at work. On the other hand, not every employee gets along with the boss. In fact, it is well known many people quit jobs because of bad or difficult bosses. A Gallup study showed only 21% of employees feel they are...

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Happy Holidays to All! The team at The Resource Connection, Inc. (TRC), Temporary Help/Staffing Services, would like to wish all of our clients, employees, candidates, business partners and friends happy holidays and best wishes for the New Year. This week, our staff joined together for our annual holiday party to celebrate another great year and to relax and enjoy each others’ company in a less hectic environment. The accompanying photo includes from left to right: Fatima, Helene, Sarah, Jeri, Dawn, Peter, Janet, Maria, Sallyann,...

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Writing a great resume is a skill and an art that needs to be practiced and mastered to get the desired job. Even the most qualified candidates can end up losing out on jobs because of critical problems with their resumes.  This means recruiters can’t quickly see their potential fit for the job’s requirements.   Why a Great Resume is Important On average, a corporate job posting attracts more than 250 applications, but only 2% of these are ever called for interviews. According to the President of Job Market Experts, Robert Meier, 98% of...

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Effective Resume Review for Hiring Managers

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Effective resume review is critical to the hiring process. Hiring managers face many challenges when they set out to hire highly qualified new employees.  In today’s competitive market, it’s harder than ever to narrow down the pool of applicants to hire the right people.   Bad hires are costly! Hiring the wrong person for a job is costly. The U.S. Department of Labor has estimated that the average cost of a bad hiring decision can equal 30% of the individual’s projected first-year annual wages.  Even entry level hiring mistakes could...

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