Effective Resume Review for Hiring Managers

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Effective resume review is critical to the hiring process. Hiring managers face many challenges when they set out to hire highly qualified new employees.  In today’s competitive market, it’s harder than ever to narrow down the pool of applicants to hire the right people.   Bad hires are costly! Hiring the wrong person for a job is costly. The U.S. Department of Labor has estimated that the average cost of a bad hiring decision can equal 30% of the individual’s projected first-year annual wages.  Even entry level hiring mistakes could...

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Last month, The Resource Connection, Inc.’s Helene Tum, Senior Staffing Coordinator and Peter Konrad, Director of Operations went out on the ledge — The glass ledge that is .  Located on the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower in Chicago, “The Ledge”, a breathtaking tourist stop, is 1353 feet above the street below.  While representing TRC at Staffing World 2017 on October 24 – 26, Helene and Peter attended a “soiree” on the Willis Sky Deck sponsored by Career Builder. The Staffing World Experience Organized by the American Staffing...

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Be Your Best on Video Interviews!

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A competitive job market, better technology and connectivity are some of the reasons why recruiters are increasingly using video interviews to hire candidates. According to a GreenJobInterview survey, almost half of those surveyed had tried some form of video interviewing. Video interviews may be used at various stages in the hiring process.  They may be used in place of phone interviews for initial screening or later stages.  During the hiring process for temporary workers, video interviews may be used by the staffing agency or the client...

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Success on the Job from Day 1

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Starting off on the right foot by understanding what’s expected and focussing on your work are key to being a success on the job from Day 1. This is true whether you are a new hire or on a temporary or temp to hire assignment. Successful performance on a temporary assignment helps build your skills and experience. This, together with demonstrating that you are a motivated professional in the workplace makes a positive impression on the client and your staffing agency.  This in turn, leads to better opportunities for future assignments or...

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The Structured Interview: It’s More Than Personality

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Structured Interview Questions Facilitate Comparison, Ratings Capability By Janet Santa Anna, CSP Many hiring managers complain, “Good people are hard to find.” Could it be that they don’t know how to properly assess the most successful employees? According to many experts, this is the case.  Experts believe that hiring mistakes occur frequently because of improper, incomplete or inefficient interviewing. In fact, for many hiring managers, the process of interviewing and selecting an employee can seem like a hit-or-miss proposition. If you’re...

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