Carol Andrews has been an employee of The Resource Connection, Inc. for 12 years, during which time she has completed over 16 assignments.  She often accepts positions that others decline, and we have come to rely on her over the years.

She has demonstrated a great deal of flexibility and is willing to take on any assignment, regardless of length or location. When we receive a last minute job order Carol is the first person we think to call.  No matter how tedious a task is, Carol has always completed her work on time and with an upbeat attitude.

We have received excellent feedback from our clients, including one who has requested her to return yearly to complete a seasonal project.  Her dependability and punctuality are impeccable, a trait which can sometimes be hard to find in temporary staffing.  On one particularly difficult assignment in which parking was an issue, Carol arrived over an hour early to work each day to ensure that she could find a parking spot and clock in on time.

The Resource Connection, Inc. is lucky to have found such an exemplary employee, and we are grateful that she has represented our company so well for so many years.