It is with great pleasure that I nominate Anita Cordy for Staffing Employee of the Month. For the last several weeks Anita has been working as a legal secretary and in particular for me. We have used temporary employees before, but no one to date can match Anita’s competence, and most important, her desire to contribute. She has been more than prompt, showing up before her official workday begins. She has been a very quick study, picking up the routines and technical requirements of the job. The speed with which she is able to transcribe dictated audiotapes is impressive. Her willingness to take constructive criticism is refreshing. What I like most, however, about Anita is her desire to stay busy and to help around the office in any way that she can. Some secretaries wait for you to come to them; Anita seeks you out to ask how she can help you. Her smiling face also brightens up the office. She is a delight to be around and an outstanding candidate for Employee of the Month.