Upon being recognized as our Temporary Employee of the Month, Pious K. stated: “Working for The Resource Connection, Inc. has given me a platform to showcase my skills and talent to the client in which I have been privileged to work for on a long-term assignment. My colleagues have been helpful, cooperative, kind, and above all, team players willing to take up any task to ensure smooth management of duties. I am honored and humbled to be nominated as the Temporary Employee of the Month for December 2017, I look forward to more opportunities. I believe that there is not enough time to do everything in life, but there is enough time to do important things; without commitment you will never start, but more importantly without consistency and discipline you will never finish.”

When Pious K. registered with The Resource Connection, he had earned a Bachelor’ degree in Industrial and Fine Arts but wanted to branch out and gain more administrative experience.  During his first assignment, his supervisor raved about how hard working and polite Pious was. His current supervisor has also stated, “We love Pious. He is a very hard worker, who does not need much direction, and an all-around nice guy!” The staffing department at TRC said he carries himself in a very professional manner, and has proven himself to be one of our most reliable candidates.

The Resource Connection, Inc. is proud to have so many amazing temporary employees and Pious is a great example of the type of candidates we have to offer our clients.  Pious has impressed the client with his hard work, his dedication to the assignment, his demeanor and his personality.

The staff of The Resource Connection is delighted to select Pious K. as our Temporary Employee for December 2017.  He deserves the recognition!