Lisa H. has been one of our most reliable candidates throughout her time with The Resource Connection, Inc. (TRC). Lisa’s current supervisor had requested her back to assist the office. She had mentioned, “Lisa is always punctual and very dependable.  She is also very friendly and likeable and she handles all the callers and visitors with courtesy and professionalism.  If there is a problem, she handles it efficiently or if there is something she is unsure of she does not hesitate to ask. Lisa is always eager to assist and learn other tasks if asked by her supervisor and she does it with a smile.  She possesses excellent listening skills with the clients and attorneys and always has a positive attitude. Lisa was a temporary receptionist here in the past, so when we needed another temporary receptionist she was the one I requested.  It is truly a pleasure to work with her.”

Lisa was ecstatic to return to her previous assignment to assist her supervisor again. “The reason I like working here is because I have a great supervisor. I can go to her with any question, and she is always willing to help. She is a very nice person, and it is a pleasure to work with her. We make a great team. The attorneys are also very nice.

At The Resource Connection, we try to find the best fit for both our clients and candidates. Lisa has worked many assignments for TRC. Lisa said “I enjoy working for the Resource Connection because the entire staff is very nice and professional.  They make sure to match me to positions that are the right fit.  It is a pleasure working for them. I highly recommend them.”

It is a pleasure to work with Lisa and we are proud to select her as The Resource Connection’s Staffing Employee of the Month for March 20, 2018.