Temporary Jobs – Great Option for Recent College Grads

College graduation marks the beginning of a new era in every student’s life. It is the time to start working on building a career. Many prefer to build a career in the discipline they have pursued in college. Others aren’t sure. It can take a good amount of job hunting to land the perfect job. One which fits your passion and meets your pay expectations.

So, what do you do during the time between your graduation and when you land your perfect job?

Looking for opportunities is likely at the top of your list. However, now that you are a graduate, you have plenty of avenues open to you. There are many job opportunities for you to consider that you can gather experience from.

Instead of holding out for your ideal job waiting to figure out what you want to do, a great option for recent college graduates is to go for a temporary position. There are a number of pros to this kind of work experience. Some are listed below.

Gather experience

One of the best things about temporary jobs is that they may be open to hiring graduates with limited experience. This helps you test drive the work environment and a field of interest while building relevant work experience for your resume. In addition, if you haven’t worked in an office environment before temporary jobs provide you with the initial exposure of how to present yourself in a full-time job.

Start building your network

Although temporary positions vary in length, during the time you are on assignment you get a chance to be part of a team. This is a great time to build connections, grow your network, and perhaps find a mentor. The temp job you go in for might not be directly relevant for the career you are planning. However, knowing people will always help you get referrals and recommendations and news about relevant opportunities in the future.

Keep looking for longer term opportunities

As temporary jobs are expected to be for a period of time, you are able to keep looking for permanent employment in a role you want either within the organization you are assigned to or with another company. Keep in mind that it is not uncommon for temporary employees to be offered a permanent position. If not, when the job offer of your dreams comes along, you will have more flexibility to take it without burning bridges. Further, the temp job ensures you have a source of income that helps with your expenses. This reduces the urgency of saying yes to any full-time opportunity that comes your way.

In summary

There are plenty of temporary employment opportunities in various industries and job categories that you can choose from. It gives you a chance to test drive what working full time in a certain role might feel like while adding to your experience. And if you perform well there may be an opportunity to be hired for a full-time position. This makes temporary jobs a great option for recent college grads.

To get started, you can apply through a Temporary Staffing Agency with a good reputation or search for temporary positions of interest through online job boards.

About The Resource Connection, Inc.

The Resource Connection, Inc. (TRC), is an award winning staffing company with a reputation for attracting and placing the best candidates for its client companies.  TRC is a certified woman-owned temporary help and staffing services firm. It has been connecting the right people to the right jobs in Greater Boston and the North Shore of MA since 1987. TRC provides temporary, temp to hire and direct hire placements. Positions include office and administrative, accounting and finance, customer service, data entry, human resources, legal support and more. Its customers range from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses in almost every industry. In addition, it serves state and local government as well as colleges and universities.

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