Mira D. came into our office with a positive attitude. She was open to hearing about all of our current employment opportunities. She wanted to find the best fit for her career path but was flexible to fill in for several last minute assignments that we needed coverage for in between roles.

Excellent Feedback

Proven to be a reliable, professional, hard worker, Mira D. received excellent feedback from her supervisors. Some of their comments are: “Mira has adapted quickly to our computer and phone system. Most importantly, she shows great patience and care in assisting callers who need to access their online accounts. Additionally, Mira assists with sending out licenses and other office duties. Everyone on her temporary assignments are in agreement that she fit right in and made the office a more enjoyable place.

A very positive experience working with TRC

Mira had a very positive experience working with The Resource Connection. She said: “On a scale from 1 to 10, The Resource Connection ranks number 10!  It is a professional employment agency that was truly dedicated to placing me in a position where I could excel and succeed in the workplace. Because of their professionalism, I felt at ease and confident that I was going to be placed in the perfect work environment.

I was so appreciative because my staffing coordinator had the insight with regards to matching me perfectly into a two month assignment that was close to my home. The assignment was wonderful, the people were great and I learned a lot.

The Resource Connection has helped me approach work in a different way, from a positive perspective.

Mira’s extensive work experience and her knowledge of MS Word and Excel makes her a welcome addition to any office. We are happy Mira chose to work with The Resource Connection as her temporary staffing agency. Therefore we are also pleased to select Mira D. as The Resource Connection’s Staffing Employee for the month of May, 2019.