Lyndia L. is a professional and eager temp who is always willing to go the extra mile for our clients. During her time as a temporary employee with The Resource Connection (TRC), she has always been reliable and flexible.  Lyndia has strong administrative skills along with strong interpersonal skills.  She has successfully completed several assignments for TRC. Supervisors always gave us positive feedback about her work. Also, Lyndia has worked both short and long term assignments and has been requested back by several clients, asking for her by name.

Benefits of working as a temporary employee 

Lyndia said, “Working with Resource Connection as a temp is great. I get to work with different companies, meet a diverse group of people and work in different environments. I’m also learning and experiencing things I would never have known. The staff at The Resource Connection is very caring and always there for me.”  Lyndia continued to say “I try my best everywhere I go.  I always try to represent myself and Resource Connection the best I can. I really appreciate the opportunity I have been given and thank you for noticing me and my hard work.”

Diverse work experience 

Lyndia has experience in a variety of professional settings. She has done data entry and customer service in an office environment.  Additionally, she has held managerial positions in retail locations. Because Lyndia is a fast learner with strong attention to detail, she is able to handle the fast pace of a call center. Above all, she is able to keep a pleasant demeanor with every customer and is able to resolve their problems. Her experience, knowledge, and demeanor will benefit every client where she is assigned.

Lyndia has always been open to accepting a position when we have called her.  She has completed all her assignments and has impressed the clients as a professional and eager employee.  We are pleased to select Lyndia L. as our Staffing Employee of the Month for December 2019.

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