Landing a good job is never easy. But now that task is harder than ever. The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our daily lives and wreaked havoc on businesses and employees. With reduced demand, temporary and permanent business closures, as well as lower staffing levels required to meet COVID safety requirements, the pandemic has caused the loss of employment by millions of people. In addition, many companies have frozen or slowed down their recruiting and hiring processes for the time being. We have suddenly gone from a low unemployment environment with companies competing for job candidates to record high unemployment of over 10% nationally.

In times like this, you should use a strategic approach to landing a good job. You can no longer apply for a position and hope to hear back from the company soon. You must take matters into your hands and take proactive steps to land a job that’s both good and deserving.

Understand your short-term and long-term goals

Determine if you need to get hired right away or not. Are you looking to switch jobs or can you wait a little longer? Do you have enough savings to last a few more months or do you need to secure a job immediately? If you need to take immediate action, you might need to expedite your job search and cross out companies that you ‘might’ want to go for. However, if you have enough time or while you are doing your search, you should consider learning new or improved skills. This will not only help expand your opportunities but also increase your potential to move up.

Assess the job market and potential employers

Blindly applying to companies that aren’t hiring currently will only waste your time and effort. Plus, not getting a reply from them can be extremely demotivating. Rather, assess the job market in your industry and desired geography, and identify potential employers who are recruiting actively. Use LinkedIn, Indeed or other job boards to look out for any job posts that fit and apply to them immediately. Update and tailor your resume specifically for the job post since this increases your hiring chances. Use online networking to learn more about who is hiring and let your network know that you are looking for a new position.  Think about who you can add to your network.

If you possess transferable skills (you are an accountant who can handle the finances of an eCommerce company, law firm, hospital, or a coffee shop), look for job opportunities in a different industry. This can help you in your job search by providing additional opportunities.

Consider being flexible about your employment type

If you are looking for immediate employment but are not able to connect with your preferred companies, you might want to take a detour. Consider not trying for full-time positions but internships or freelance contracts. Loads of companies require work to be done but cannot commit to a candidate full-time. If a temporary position can help you gain the experience you will need to get hired six months from now, go for it.

Pro tip: Look for at staffing agencies that are hiring for temporary positions that may offer a full-time role if you perform well or help you expand your experience.

Be prepared for a virtual recruiting environment

Since most companies cannot interview in person anymore, you must be prepared for a virtual recruiting environment. Ensure that you are sitting in a well-lit room during the interview. Remove all distractions and make sure that no one walks into the room. Also, correct the camera’s angle and ensure that you have a stable Internet connection. A good way to prepare for this is by trying out a few mock online interviews to get familiarized with the process. Dress appropriately, listen attentively, answer properly, and you will be able to land the job that you’ve been looking for. Check out this post: Be Your Best on Video Interviews!

Best wishes in landing a good job in today’s COVID world!