A consummate professional, yes that is what LaTanya W.’s supervisor said about LaTanya. How many times can you recall an employer saying that about an employee?  What an amazing compliment! Her supervisor on the temporary assignment continued to say that “LaTanya works very hard to take care of their customers.  She often goes above and beyond even when it requires different skillsets outside of the group where she is assigned”.

An Asset to the Office

The agency services many older customers who may not have a computer or if they do they cannot maneuver the websites to resolve issues on line.  She is a complete asset to our office – She is resourceful.  Furthermore, she has a calming presence which is conveyed through phone, email and in person which makes internal/external customers trust her.  Therefore, she is quickly becoming a go to team member in our local office.

I have seen countless times where LaTanya deals with unhappy/irate customers and she has restored public trust with our agency by her demeanor.  LaTanya does that by giving all of the information, being helpful and eradicating their fears and then she follows through by resolving the problem. I have often interjected by stating that:  “Do you need me to take over the call”? And, she stated: “No, I am all set!”   She has expressed to me many times that she is proud to just serve our public.

Work Experience

LaTanya is a detail/outcome oriented professional with extensive experience in an office setting.  Most importantly, she works well under pressure.  In prior positions she partnered easily with diverse leaders and colleagues ensuring multiple priorities were addressed with attention to details.  She had handled client complaints on prior positions.  Therefore, she was well experienced to handle customers who may have difficult situations or problems with their accounts on her current assignment.  Above all, she likes working with people.  As a result, resolving customer’s problems and resolving issues so customers are left satisfied is her goal.

A Pleasant Experience

LaTanya said, “My initial interview with TRC was October 2018 and I was assigned to my first assignment in November. Ironically, it has been my only assignment. I was fortunate to be placed on a long term assignment. Every interaction that I have had with the TRC staff, the staffing coordinator, payroll and receptionist have all been pleasant. They’re responsive, professional and informative. It’s an honor to be a part of TRC’s Team.”

A Pleasure to Work With

The staffing coordinator at TRC who works with LaTanya said “she has been a pleasure to work with. She really is a consummate professional, courteous and has been great at keeping TRC informed of any changes with her assignment. We have received excellent feedback from her supervisor on the assignment regarding her work ethic and professional behavior. Moreover, LaTanya goes above and beyond her job and truly enjoys serving her community.  Even when faced with a problem or an upset customer, her demeanor puts the customers at ease.  We are so happy that LaTanya is being recognized for her exemplary work with our client.  We are proud that she is part of the TRC team.

In closing, LaTanya’s supervisor on the temporary assignment said “LaTanya is and should be your next Staffing Employee of the Month.  She has earned the title and then some.  In addition to being a consummate professional, she continues to be a shining example by advancing her knowledge of policies, practices and skills.  We are very lucky to have her be a part of our Team.”