Temporary help can be the best solution for short-term or even longer-term projects and those that demand specialized expertise. Many businesses value the flexibility, cost-efficiency, and quicker staff augmentation that temporary employment offers. Employers also have the benefit of engaging in a temp to hire arrangement which allows for well-performing temp employees to transition to  a permanent role if both parties agree.  Hiring the right temporary employee is crucial to make your projects successful. The right candidate can also add value to your business in the long run, enabling you to achieve your goals.

Here are some tips to ensure that you choose only the right temporary employee for your position:

Be Clear about Temporary Employee Needs

In addition to skills and education, a temporary worker needs characteristics that enable them to be successful at the job in a short time. The candidate has to be enthusiastic and have the right attitude toward the job. Candidates that approach the job, from application through interview, as they would a permanent job, are more likely to be more committed to the role.

Adaptability is crucial to blend with existing teams in a short time. Candidates must be proactive enough to learn about the company culture and work environment in addition to their job.

Temporary workers cannot always be trained as thoroughly as a permanent employee, which is why the above-mentioned skills are as important as their technical skills.

Work with an Experienced Staffing Agency with Good Reputation

Working with a staffing agency delivers several advantages. For one, you will be partnering with an expert in temporary jobs and recruiting. Staffing agencies know hiring aspects that raise the chances of success in the current job market. They will be able to set your expectations accordingly.

With realistic job expectations, you are more likely to attract a wide range of talent for the temporary position.

A professional staffing agency can help you develop a clearer and more realistic job description. Such job descriptions speak better to candidates. The agency will help you quote a pay rate that is more in tune with the current market trends. Moreover, the staffing agency can adjust applicant screening, and background checks based on the type of position and length of assignment.

Choose a staffing agency specializing in temporary job hiring in the type of position you are filling so that you benefit best from their expertise.

Be Mindful of your Interview Questions

Depending on the position, you may have the staffing agency handle all the interviews and present you with a recommended candidate.  Or they may do the initial screens and provide candidates for you to interview.

If you are doing the interviewing be sure you are prepared with what to ask and how to gauge the results.  Your questions must evaluate candidates for their obvious qualifications and skills. In addition, they should beyond to assess if the candidate would be a good fit to the organization as a whole.

Ask open-ended questions so that candidates get an opportunity to convey more about themselves. Avoid asking for information that is already available in the resume. Go beyond the paper. For example, Structured interviews can be very effective. Give candidates a situation that they would encounter at work and ask how they would handle it.

Find out their accomplishments at previous organizations to understand the value they can add to your company. Ask questions that demonstrate their adaptability, independence and proactive nature.

In Conclusion

Finding the right temporary employee isn’t easy.  Recruiting and hiring a temporary employee requires many of the same steps as a permanent one,   Therefore, using an experienced staffing agency can increase the value of your efforts and help you choose the right candidate.

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