Paul Ferrari is an exemplary employee. He comes in early and is never late. He is always professionally dressed and always has a professional way about him.

Paul has been outstanding in all his job performance. He is diligent to take notes when being trained and instructed, and diligent and accurate when following this training or instruction. He is kind and respectful when speaking to others both on and off the phone and with all staff. He is very knowledgeable with computers and the programs necessary to the position he is working. He is a very hard worker and has an excellent work ethic.

Paul is detailed oriented and strives to make sure everything is correct and complete in his duties and in many ways has gone above and beyond what is required of him. I have so appreciated his ideas, input, ingenuity, and has made great suggestions on how some of our processes can be made more efficient and streamlined. I know I am not just speaking for myself, but along with all my staff when I say he is our ideal (employee).

He has been such a pleasure to work with.