Crew hit the ground running with an attitude of generosity and spirited team work. Daily, he increases in his capacity to be creative, to suggest new (executive level) ideas and an energy that reminds the rest of us of our own squandered youth! He directs it with precision and goals, often thinking so far outside of the box that his creative inspirations become good business directives.We are able to make assignments available to him with only one tutorial and he runs with the information.   If he is somewhat careless in any particular area, it is in his enthusiasm to please. Often he will do something within his job description that is meant to bring a level of excitement to the outcome and he succeeds – often with the quick question, “What can I do next?”

We enjoy Crew’s presence here greatly. He has brought a technological readiness to our outreach, an appealing personality to our interactions with clients and supporters and a positive image to his representation of our mission. With continued oversight and mentorship, we are looking at a diamond in the rough.   Thanks TRC!!