OMG! Everyone in our office (at LEAST once a day) says “Erika is so awesome!”, or “who’s better

than Erika?”, or “yup, Erika took care of it!”.  We’ve had our share of Administrative help

over the years.  No one has ever been as interested in the end result of the tasks that are asked of them.

Erika envisions the outcome, and truly cares about how it saves someone time, or helps them get their

job done with greater ease.  For example, a couple of weeks ago I asked Erika to do Windows updates

on the 10 laptops I use to teach our QuickBooks classes.  Not only did she do that, but she created

an identification system for all 10, then labeled each laptop’s power cord, wireless mouse, and mouse

USB – specifically for each setup.  Can I tell you that in the past all the USB’s would end up getting

stored inside the wrong mouse, and when I would set up for the class moving a mouse at one work

station would move the cursor at another work station. Funny thing is… I didn’t tell her how to solve

the problem, I simply told her about my frustration. She even changed the batteries in each

mouse, and gave me a fresh supply to take with me to class.

It seems that every time we turn around, Erika has fixed some kind of “frustration” we were

having; there are quite honestly too many to list. I am becoming so confident in her abilities that

I am now giving her more creative tasks like revamping our website, creating marketing videos,


Erika is extraordinarily intuitive, she hit the ground running at our most busy time, and fit in

immediately. From the seemingly mindless task (organizing the supply closet) to important tasks

(keeping my calendar and scheduling new clients) she takes them on with the same sweetness

and intuitive integrity. She is a joy.