Pattiann has been a wonderful addition to our office. This is an extremely busy time of year for our office, and can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned employee. Pattiann has jumped right in with both feet, and is fitting in seamlessly. She never gets flustered when she encounters a problem, and she has a great demeanor with our clients, both over the phone and in person. She is quick to try and solve a problem herself, but she also knows when to bring another staff member in to assist. I feel extremely lucky that someone as self-motivated as Pattiann accepted this assignment; she told me the other day that she had taken it upon herself to review the Federal Student Aid site so she could become more familiar with our terminology, in order to better assist us. I do not believe I have ever had an employee take that kind of initiative before. It is my pleasure to nominate Pattiann for this honor, as I truly feel she deserves it. She has gone above and beyond for our office so far, and has truly committed to learning as much as possible in order to help us achieve our mission at this difficult time of year.