The average College Grademployee works in ten different jobs before the age of forty, says the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Forrester Research estimates that younger generations of workers will hold twelve to fifteen jobs in their lifetime. A common reason is incompatibility with the nature of work or organizational culture. If you’re financially dependent on the job, feeling stuck and unhappy is inevitable.

Looking back, you may realize that a better understanding of different jobs and or companies would have helped you make a more informed choice. Even better, a temporary assignment at a company or companies would have been ideal, giving you the flexibility to change positions with fewer restrictions or expectations. You may also have gotten the opportunity to continue your association with the company, all the while learning on-the-job and expanding your professional and personal network.

It is a realization that is encouraging many college students and recent graduates to take up temporary employment.

No long-term commitment

Temping doesn’t tie you up in long-term obligations. If you feel restless at a job very quickly, but you’re committed to performing to the best of your abilities in a number of exciting roles at various organizations in the Greater Boston area, temping may be for you.

A valuable learning opportunity with the possibility of longer term employment

There is no substitute for real-world experience at the workplace. Whether your role involves office and administrative support, customer service, data entry, accounting, human resources or legal support, you have the opportunity to learn from senior professionals, and discover mentors to guide you even in the future.  It helps build your resume and your confidence. In addition, it gives you the chance to know the organization better, and for them to get to know you, potentially being considered for direct hire into a regular position.

Make fiscally responsible choices

If you’re undecided about pursuing graduate school or uncertain of which direction to follow, temping can give you a good feel for what is likely to work best for you. Your work experience and the new opportunities you identify in your field or related areas will help you confirm what you want to focus on, and avoid regrets later.

You could be uniquely suited to temping

It is not uncommon for young workers in Massachusetts to continue being temporary workers, particularly when they believe it helps them balance their personal life better. As far as students and recent graduates are concerned, temping is a great way to test out a variety of jobs. It is a smarter option to gaining full-time employment only to change jobs very quickly, and being perceived as an unreliable candidate by future employers.

A Temporary Help or Staffing Services agency can help you land your first temp position – by getting matched to the right job, your first work experience is very likely to be rewarding.