Kyle was hired for a Customer Service position at a state agency in western Massachusetts.  His supervisor said “He is flexible and has an unflappable demeanor that encourages others to follow suit.  While Kyle excels working in a team environment, he also works well independently on his own assigned tasks.  He never disappoints with his enthusiasm to be of assistance to everyone in the office.”

This is Kyle’s first assignment with The Resource Connection and he has made quite an impression.  His supervisor continues to praise Kyle’s work by stating: “When I think of a team player, Kyle would be the perfect choice. He has shown a willingness to be of assistance with every staff member on any new project that has come his way.  His performance has been invaluable and he has proven his worth ten-fold.”

“Kyle has a quiet presence that speaks volumes when dealing with our client base here. Visitors are always greeted with a smile and a feeling of “We are glad you are here today!” He has gone above and beyond his role that he was hired to perform. Some of our clients arrive feeling anxious and overwhelmed and he puts they to ease immediately. Kyle has handled every situation with professionalism and a caring and kind demeanor.”

“It has been our good fortune that Kyle was hired for this position and that it has lasted longer than originally anticipated. He has gained the respect of everyone at our office. Regular visitors look forward to seeing him when they arrive as they have gotten to know him. It will be a sad day when we have to say goodbye to Kyle. However, knowing he will succeed in his future endeavors makes us all smile because we know he deserves the best of what is yet to come.”