Rubia S. is friendly, well-spoken and she is a very positive person who is always willing to help.  Rubia’s supervisor, on her temporary assignment, stated “Rubia has adjusted well in her return to the workforce and fits in nicely with the team.” Her supervisor also indicated that she is punctual, reliable, and has been quick to learn the routines of the office. She readily accepts responsibility and takes ownership of the tasks assigned to her. She follows directions well, demonstrating excellent follow-through.  She has also demonstrated creativity by taking initiative to provide solutions to help the office run more smoothly. She has been a tremendous help by producing both quantity and quality of work. We are pleased to have her as part of the team.

Rubia took some time off from the workforce in order to raise her children and was ready and eager to get back to work.  We are very pleased that Rubia considered temporary work to transition back into the work force and that she chose The Resource Connection to place her on an assignment. Temporary work is the perfect avenue for people like Rubia who are ready to reenter the work force.  Because of Rubia’s past experience as an Administrative Assistant and her computer skills, including Word and Excel, she was an excellent candidate for our clients.  We are very pleased to have recognized the potential in Rubia because she has impressed the client with her reliability, skills, and initiative.

Having a candidate who a client can count on and has a great attitude reflects well on the employee and the staffing agency. She is indeed a very positive person. The Resource Connection, Inc. is proud to have Rubia as part of our team and we are honored to select her as our Temporary Employee of the Month for May 2017!