Peggy H. came to our agency motivated and eager to find an assignment.  From the very beginning, Peggy had a sense of enthusiasm that made her a pleasure to work with.  With her strong background as an Administrative Assistant and great communication skills, we were able to find her a position quickly.  Peggy’s  supervisor on her temporary assignment stated, “Peg is professional, pleasant, very organized and efficient.  She is a pleasure to have in the office and reflects highly on the caliber of person employed by The Resource Connection. ”
Although this is Peggy’s first assignment through us, she has stated, “You guys rock!  You got me set up with a job so fast, how amazing is that!  This client is such a great place to be assigned.  The people are so nice and pleasant.  The atmosphere is beautiful and welcoming.  I really like my manager.  He takes the time to explain everything I need to know and I can ask him anything that I don’t understand.  He is a great guy to work for.  Again, thank you for all that you do and helping me get assigned to a great place.”

Peggy’s past employment has ranged from Payroll, Accounts Payable, Administrative Assistant, to Executive Assistant so she has so much experience and knowledge that she will be a great asset to any company where she is assigned.

Our staffing coordinators are trained to interview all our candidates so we get to know their personalities, their skills, and the type of work they want to do and will excel in.  In the end, our goal is to find the best fit for both the candidate and the client and we definitely met our goal with Peggy!

We, at The Resource Connection, Inc., are proud to have Peggy as our temporary employee of the month!