Starting off on the right foot by understanding what’s expected and focussing on your work are key to being a success on the job from Day 1. This is true whether you are a new hire or on a temporary or temp to hire assignment. Successful performance on a temporary assignment helps build your skills and experience. This, together with demonstrating that you are a motivated professional in the workplace makes a positive impression on the client and your staffing agency.  This in turn, leads to better opportunities for future assignments or permanent employment.

Here are some of the tips to ensure your success on the job from Day 1.

Understand the job requirements: Knowing what job duties are expected on your assignment lays the foundation for success. Be sure you clearly understand your role and responsibilities, and management’s expectations. Review this with your staffing agency before you start . Also, listen carefully to instructions from your assignment supervisor. Ask for clarification if you are not sure. Companies evaluate your success based on your performance against these expectations.

Be familiar with your staffing agency’s and the client organization’s policies and procedures: While you are employed by the staffing agency you will be expected to follow their policies and procedures as well as the client company’s policies. Read through any policy documents you are given. You are accountable for adhering to these requirements.

Be professional: Maintain a professional attitude and avoid being too friendly or too distant. Be courteous and get to know your colleagues and those superiors that you need to interact with on a day to day basis. Do not disclose personal information to people you don’t know well.  Be mindful of cell phone use.

Dress appropriately: Dress according to the codes set by the organization.  Avoid going overboard with any personal style statements. Be appropriate for the type of work and the environment you’ll be in. You don’t want to over dress, but it is best to be more conservative on your first day and then adjust based on how others are dressing. Don’t push the limits. Also, be aware that perfumes and colognes may bother others. It’s best not to wear them in the office.

Know your work hours and be punctual: Research shows managers are not impressed by and less likely to promote employees who are late. Arriving 5 to 10 minutes before your start time and leaving a little late on the first day of your temporary employment is advisable.  This will give you more time to understand the work atmosphere, learn your way around the office and get to know your colleagues. If you are going to be late for any reason, it is important to communicate with your staffing agency contact and your on the job supervisor in advance.

Time management also extends to understanding the rules on breaks, lunch hours and specified work hours.

Understand the culture: Today’s highly competitive marketplace has an increasingly diverse workforce.  Understanding the culture of your workplace is an important key to achieving success on the job. There are many aspects to an organization’s culture. It evolves from the organizations mission, vision and values, and is reinforced by its leadership.   It is also influenced by the type of products and services it provides and  what types of customers it serves. Culture diversity also entails different values, ways of communication or approaches to work. Knowing these differences when working for different clients will be of immense value.

Be positive and polite: Be courteous and polite to all levels of employees while at work. A positive approach to the job can make a big difference. The right attitude can get you the support you need when you are starting out on a temporary to hire job.

If you don’t know something, ask: If there are any gaps in your understanding of the job requirements or other work details check in with your staffing coordinator or ask your supervisor on the job.

In the end, understanding the job requirements and environment, being professional and focusing on your work is the best way to ensuring success on the job from Day 1.