A competitive job market, better technology and connectivity are some of the reasons why recruiters are increasingly using video interviews to hire candidates.

According to a GreenJobInterview survey, almost half of those surveyed had tried some form of video interviewing. Video interviews may be used at various stages in the hiring process.  They may be used in place of phone interviews for initial screening or later stages.  During the hiring process for temporary workers, video interviews may be used by the staffing agency or the client organization to help make the process faster and more efficient.

Although technical glitches and poor quality can in some cases disrupt video interviews, for most recruiters, video interviews have proved both useful and cost effective.

Recruiters use various types of technology for video interviews, including video services such as GreenJobInterview, InterviewStream or SparkHire, to name a few. Or, they may simply use Skype or FaceTme.

Benefits of video interviews

  •  Time-saving: Video interviews save time for both recruiters and prospective employees as no time-consuming traveling and/or the organizing of face to face interviews are needed.
  •  Record of the interview: Video interviews provide documentation of the entire interview which means the interviewer can retrieve any part of the conversation if needed.
  • Communication skills: It is easy for recruiters to study non-verbal cues of candidates during a video interview.

While video interviews offer all these benefits for the recruiter and save a lot of hassles for the candidates, it is important to know how to prepare well to nail the interview.

Tips for a successful video interview

First, prepare with the same seriousness as you would for an in person interview.   Here are some additional tips that can help you nail the video interview.

Familiarize yourself with the technology

Once you learn that a video interview will be scheduled, ask relevant questions and find out what devices and software will work best. Decide also which device is most suitable for the interview if you own multiple Internet-enabled devices. If you do not have the required Internet speed or connectivity, consider investing in one or borrowing if possible. You could consider accessing the Internet or the device from a friend’s place if feasible.

Check all the connections, camera quality, and lighting before the interview. Correct any issues if need be, adjust lighting or add more lights as needed. Have a backup plan with an additional device or a second Wi-Fi or broadband connectivity.

Select the location

Make sure there is no background noise or activities happening that can distract both you and the recruiter. Choose a quiet place with a neutral background.

Dress professionally

Dress appropriately just as you would if you were attending a face-to-face interview. Do not wear excessive jewelry or loud makeup and avoid dressing too casually.

Keep a notepad ready

Keep your resume within your reach and also a notepad with expected questions and answers that you might have thought out. If you need to quote some figures and statistics, have them ready. Also, make notes if necessary during the interview so you can get back to the recruiter later on any clarification that is needed.

Look at the camera

Position the camera at a comfortable height and angle so that you can sit up straight and look forward as you speak to the interviewer.  Look at the camera rather than the screen showing the interviewer,

Be aware of body language

Body language accounts for 90% of the impression made on the recruiters. Maintain appropriate eye contact and try to keep a relaxed face. Smile as often as possible but avoid nervous laughter. Speak in your normal tone and make sure the recruiter can hear you clearly. Wait for a second after the recruiter finishes talking to avoid overlapping.

Finish well

Ending with a genuine thank you and following up with an email will add the finishing touch to the perfect video interview.

The use of video interviews is likely to increase significantly. Being prepared in advance will help you succeed and land the job you want!