The Resource Connection, Inc. is proud to select Marilyn B. as our 2017 Employee of the Year. Marilyn worked as an Executive Assistant and as an Assistant to several upper management/business presidents and CEOs for many years. When she retired she wanted to keep busy and wanted to maintain her office/computer skills. The flexibility of temporary work is what brought her to us in 2015.

Marilyn has worked numerous assignments for us and has always been such a pleasure to work with. Not only is she willing to help whenever we need her, but she goes above and beyond in every assignment. We’ve received calls and e-mails from her supervisors to let us know how remarkable she is. One supervisor stated, “Marilyn is dependable, professional, and very hardworking. She is a self-starter who when asked to begin a project, or even complete a half-finished project, she would always jump right in without hesitation. She completes tasks and projects thoroughly and in a timely manner. Her computer skills are top notch. Marilyn was such a pleasure to have with us. I would recommend requesting her for temporary support in the future.”

Another supervisor said, “Marilyn is a reliable, hard-working professional who gave 110% to her temp assignment. She exemplifies the “can do” attitude of our team.” Marilyn also feels that her assignments are always rewarding. She said, “Having had the opportunity to work with many clients, I have met wonderful, dedicated, and talented people. I have learned a great deal and made some new friends along the way.”

Her choice to continue working and learning new skills after retirement, while still excelling in every assignment, really speaks to her character. Her thoughtfulness and commitment to excellence shines through in everything she does. We feel that Marilyn is a great example of ASA’s key messages regarding flexibility, choice, and training.

Marilyn recently joined the TRC staff and fellow honorees from staffing firms across the state at Massachusetts Staffing Association’s annual awards dinner.  It is an honor to have Marilyn B. as The Resource Connection’s Staffing Employee of the Year.