As a manager, you can enhance your success and that of your team by being a great boss. An oft quoted adage is “people don’t leave bad jobs, they leave bad bosses.” A 2015 Gallup study confirmed the adage when in a survey of 7200 adults it was found that 50% of them have quit jobs because of bad managers.

The same study also showed that employees who were “highly engaged” in their work were those who felt their bosses were approachable. Success at work is clearly linked to the relationship between workers and their managers. Authors Gino Wickman and René Boer in their book How to Be a Great Boss highlight that a great boss is what makes all the difference between a team that’s highly engaged and one that is  totally indifferent.

Successful supervisors or managers do not happen by chance. Indeed, companies like Google invest a lot of time and effort in building bosses who can inspire their team to success. There are some personality traits that characterize a great boss. Here are some of them that can help you hone your skills as you continue your journey towards being a great boss!

 They are passionate:

If you are not excited about your job and work goals, you cannot hope to inspire your team! A bored or demotivated boss can be a negative influence on employees leading to further disengagement. Great bosses are not only passionate about what they do, but are also completely convinced about the path they are on.

They are accountable:

A great leader needs to be ready to take the rap along with the credits. While some bosses ditch their team in times of crisis, a great boss is one who is ready to lead from the front. Being a good coach and taking proactive measures to prevent a crisis are what great bosses excel in.  

They recognize unique strengths:

Great bosses understand not only the team’s strengths and weaknesses on the whole, but the unique capabilities of each individual that makes up the team. Nobody wants to be treated as just another cog in the wheel and everyone feels special when the boss recognizes the unique talent or skill each person has.

They are genuine:

Putting on a show or lying to cover up their own mistakes does not help either the team or the boss. Great bosses are genuine and transparent while willing to share the required information with the team. A great boss also does not believe in keeping everyone guessing as to what his or her motive or next move is.

They are personable:

Humans are emotional beings. People find it easy to relate to and connect to a warm, personable human being and that’s exactly what a great boss is.  They are not afraid to show their emotions and recognize that other people have them too. At the same time, they are adept at controlling their emotions and staying calm under pressure.

Be a great boss:

As Jerry Acuff, marketing expert says, to be a great boss, you have to “think like an employee.” The same things that mattered to you as an employee is what you need to provide as a great boss and that leads to success!