William “Bill” W. has proven to be a reliable and a flexible candidate. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. Since working in Finance and Economics for the past several years, Bill knows that that is the field he wants to continue to grow.  Upon placing him at his assignment, we instantly received positive comments.

Flexible and Reliable

His supervisor on the assignment states: “There has been a lot of shuffling of personnal that required flexibility from everyone. Bill has exemplified this is in multiple ways.  He has been a flexible and a reliable candidate because he is always willing to commit extra time which has been even more critical as we have been working very hard over the last few weeks to stay on target with our client commitments.”  “With all these moving pieces that has required everyone to be flexible with our clients and the systems, Bill has been very amenable to this challenge by dividing his time learning a new process while keeping up with the work he has already been doing.”

Great people, Great Company

Bill told us, “The Resource Connection has provided me with quick job placement in a great company. In addition, Everybody has been easy to work with and I have been treated very well. Great people. Great company.”

We have received excellence feedback about Bill’s performance and the way he has always been a pleasure to work with. Bill has had open communication with The Resource Connection and the client company where he is assigned. And, he demonstrates positive attributes including his dedication in his workplace. A great asset to The Resource Connection and the client company, Bill certainly deserves to be recognized for his performance.

Thanks Bill for your compliments and your great attitude. Not to mention, your flexibility while working with our client. Congratulations on your selection as The Resource Connection’s Staffing Employee of the Month for June.