Credibility is what makes others trust and rely on you at a workplace. Whether people at work listen to you and take you seriously or constantly ignore you may well depend on your credibility. It is also the key factor that can make managers trust you with the company’s next crucial project or presentation! Success at work depends on your credibility.  Credibility  is not something that is handed out at work but is rather built carefully. Here are four tips on how to build your credibility at work.

Four ways to build credibility at work

Be good at what you do:

Success at work depends on your skill sets or competence. These skills include soft skills such as communication, coordination, empathy as well as technical skills. Successful employees are adept at assessing their own competence levels while working towards improving them. Whether you are a temporary or permanent employee, take time to objectively assess what skills and competencies you currently have and how you can improve them. Since technology, information and market dynamics constantly change, you have to be ready to adapt to these ongoing changes to stay updated. When you can demonstrate that you are an authority in your field, your credibility also soars.

To gain credibility, polish your credentials, skills and competence levels. Obtain required licenses, certifications or other qualifications required in your field of work. Take up or volunteer for high profile projects that showcase your abilities. Work towards building a successful track record with the timely and effective management of projects, tasks or assignments.

Seek feedback:

Your credibility and success at work is based on what your peers and experts think of you at work. Successful employees seek feedback from superiors and colleagues to improve their performance that in turn helps gain credibility. Endorsements from those who are recognized as the best in the industry can help establish your credibility.

Ensure integrity:

Integrity is about being true to yourself and to others. Ensure there is complete harmony and honesty in what you think, say and do. Integrity is an important attribute that employers seek in potential employees. A person with integrity demonstrates sound ethical and moral principles and is consistent with customers, co-workers, and other stakeholders. An employee with integrity inspires the trust and confidence of superiors and colleagues. To boost credibility at the workplace, ensure you invest time in building a reputation for ethical and truthful behavior. Clarify your values and be open and truthful about your mistakes instead of hiding them.

Be likable:

Likeability, according to the author of Selling with Emotional Intelligence, Mitch Anthony, is as crucial as ability. People are emotional beings and respond positively to those they like. Successful supervisors work towards developing a rapport with co-workers and superiors to enhance cooperation and trust. It is not possible to please everyone all the time.  However, a cheerful, optimistic attitude, gratitude and strong communication skills will help improve your likeability scores. Finally, take time to understand others’ opinions and concerns and always be willing to learn from others or from your own mistakes.

Building credibility at work requires effort and patience. While it cannot happen overnight, with a consistent focus on integrity, competence, communication, and feedback, you can boost your credibility levels at work over time.