We are thrilled to have an outstanding employee, such as Katelyn B. as our Temporary Employee of the Month.  We placed Katelyn with an organization that aligned with her field of study and interests. She earned a degree in Biology and was interested in working temporary assignments.  When this assignment came up with one of our clients, it fit Katelyn’s background perfectly. Consequently, she quickly became an integral part of the team.

Manager’s Feedback

Her manager had the following feedback:  “Katelyn is beyond an outstanding model employee.  She comes in on time, is a team player, and goes above and beyond to help my staff.  Her attention to detail is excellent.  She gets her work done, is a self-starter and takes on any work assigned to her. In fact, she has taken the project beyond what I thought my group could accomplish. Her knowledge of computers and comfort with new software packages is impressive. She’s a very smart, quiet and pleasant person, and very, very helpful in the projects my group is engaged to complete. She works well with all my staff and at times, directs them towards “cleaner” data management solutions. What more could I ask for!

Katelyn’s Comments

Regarding the assignment and her colleagues, Katelyn stated, “I am so honored to be chosen as employee of the month. I really enjoy working with this agency. I’ve learned a lot about the department from all the wonderful employees. Because everyone is so nice and willing to offer help and advice this is one of the best assignments I’ve had.  I am looking forward to continuing being part of this department.”

Temporary work a great resource for recent graduates to gain experience or get their foot in the door.  Additionally, it is a great opportunity to network!

Katelyn is a great example of the quality of candidates The Resource Connection, Inc. places with our clients. We are very happy that Katelyn chose The Resource Connection as the agency to work with.  We, in turn, are very happy to place her with a company where she can utilize her field of study. “Connecting the Right People to the Right Jobs for over 30 Years.”