The Resource Connection, Inc. (TRC) is thrilled to have Jeff O. as its 2018 Employee of the Year.  He was recognized for this honor at the Massachusetts Staffing Association (MSA) annual dinner in September.

About Jeff

Jeff graduated with a degree in Geography and was seeking to grow his professional contacts. The GIS (Geographic Information Systems) field is very competitive. Temporary work would offer Jeff the flexibility he was looking for. For that reason, he quickly became the first candidate that comes to mind when we receive a position. As a result, he has already successfully completed seven assignments with us, even though he has only been with us since June.

Client Feedback

It was a hot Thursday and we received an immediate need for an administrative role for one of our clients. The client’s office was quite a distance from his home. Jeff jumped at the opportunity and started the assignment the next day.  He quickly picked up the processes and received positive feedback on his performance, “Jeff has been wonderful and very efficient.”

Part of our Staffing Family

Jeff’s response time is under 30 seconds. He is always immediately available. Because of his quick response he is available to go to an interview the same day.  His communication is extraordinary and he is our go-to candidate. As a result, Jeff has performed roles with both clients on the North Shore and the Boston area. He has gained valuable professional office skills through his determination and responsiveness.

Jeff embodies everything that the American Staffing Association values, flexibility, efficient communication, dependability, and reliability. When asked about his long-term goals during his initial interview with our agency, he responded by saying, “I want a place to work that I can call family.”  Since then, we have been able to consider Jeff a part of our staffing family.  Furthermore, we look forward to witnessing his continuous career growth.

Jeff is a great 2018 Employee of the Year for TRC. Congratulations!