“Do you have any questions for me?” Everyone who has ever attended a job interview has been at the receiving end of this question. The job search is a challenging process.  This is especially true when your objective is to land a job that meets all of your personal and professional preferences. To secure the best job opportunities, one has to impress the interviewer at every stage of the interview. This includes the one in which you get to ask the questions. Questions may differ based on the role, including the type of position or whether it is temporary or permanent.  So, what questions should you ask your interviewer? It’s always a good idea to be prepared in advance. Here’s a list of 8 best questions for candidates to ask at a job interview.

1. How does this role help the organization achieve its goals?

One of the best ways to grow within an organization is by understanding how your role impacts the bigger picture, so you can contribute to it. You may also want to take on extra responsibilities to showcase your capabilities, and this requires understanding the answer to the above question.

2. What do employee’s like best about the organization’s culture?

It’s not easy to determine the work culture of an organization. To get the best, no-filter information about a company’s culture, you should ask specific questions. You can also determine the value given to an employee by a company by understanding how onboarding and training are generally done.

3. What metrics are used to measure a candidate’s success in this role?

Want to know how likely you are to receive a promotion? This question will give you the answer. Any company that roots for employee growth will have defined KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).  In addition, it will have a system in place for growth and promotions. Use this question to gauge that system and its KPIs to see if they match your expectations.

4. What are some common challenges faced by holders of this position?

Many employees enthusiastically join a company only to see their careers halted by unconquerable impediments. You can foresee such obstacles simply by asking your interviewer what types of challenges employees typically face in such a position. If you have already dealt with such problems, you are likely to be at an advantage over other employees in the same job role.

5. What has kept you (the interviewer) motivated to stay in this company?

Some organizations really invest in keeping their employees happy and motivated. To find out if your prospective organization is one, you can ask the above question. If your interviewer has stayed in the company for some time, he or she is likely to be motivated to do so for some reason. Understanding this reason will help you decide if this job role is a good match for you.

6. What are the expectations regarding how employees should dress?

Organizations may have written dress codes or unwritten expectations around how employees should dress. Understanding the expectations will help you make a good impression and to fit in with others in the team. Understanding the expectations around dress can you an idea about the organization’s culture as well.

7. What are some positive traits/skills of other members on the team?

Curious about your prospective team? Well, you should be. Your team members can shape and impact your career in a definitive way. One way to get more information about your potential team members is by asking about their more positive qualities. If you wish to focus on career growth, you may want to work in a team that’s motivated and highly skilled. The answer to this could also give you feedback on areas where you can make improvements.

8. How is constructive feedback generally delivered in the organization?

Constructive feedback is a critical part of every job. How this feedback is delivered will determine how comfortable you are at work. The answer to the above question will also tell you how much your employers value the employee-organization relationship. And, how inclined they are towards helping you improve as a professional.

Best Questions for Candidates

It isn’t only the interviewer who analyzes a potential relationship during an interview. You can analyze if the job is a good fit for you by asking the right questions. The questions on this post can help you accomplish exactly that.