Rachel D. was seeking a career in Public Health. She received her Master’s Degree in Public Health, was a Merit Award recipient and worked with AmeriCorps as a volunteer tutor. These experiences made her realize the importance of connecting with people in a way that integrates their lives and experiences in order for programs to be successful. This is why she wanted to go into public health.

Diverse Skills

Rachel dealt with a diverse and sometimes difficult group of people from young, disadvantaged teens, to elders, and family members. She has been a tutor and mentor to children and families facing the challenges associated with poverty. She has also worked with seniors creating activity programs. Because she worked with this wide range of clients, she learned to acclimate to new jobs quickly.

The client said:  Over the last few months Rachel has worked on several projects with my teams. She has re-organized and is currently managing the programs with great success. Most recently she assisted with the procurement of 9 new contracts, a new process for our business unit and a very daunting task. She is an integral part of our team.

An incredible Experience

Rachel said, “Working with The Resource Connection has been an incredible experience for me. I couldn’t believe that after applying to jobs for 7 months, TRC was able to connect me with my current employer within a week! I’m so thankful for this opportunity, and support from TRC staff.” 

Rachel is devoted to pride in all her work. She is independent and is exceptional in putting her best foot forward. She was eager to expand her professional horizons and we were happy to help her right out of school.

Rachel has proven herself to The Resource Connection and to the client. Therefore she has been selected as our Staffing Employee of the Month for December 2018.