This was the first time working a temporary assignment for Ta-Nisha B. Working on a temporary assignment for the first time can be a nerve-racking experience. However, from the moment we met Ta-Nisha, we knew she was a bright and determined individual. We felt that she would impress our clients with her quality of work. She started her first assignment through us in December 2018. Since then, all of her supervisors have been extremely pleased with her attitude and work ethic. They were all impressed with her ability to grasp new tasks and concepts quickly.


Attentive temp agency

Since working as a temporary employee for The Resource Connection, Inc., Ta-Nisha said: “The Resource Connection is a dependable, attentive temporary agency. From my initial interview with a representative to my current assignment, their prompt response and clear directions has enabled me to be confidently prepared for my duties. Their professionalism is evident in various ways such as follow-up emails and timesheet reminders. I truly could not have asked for a better experience with my first temp agency.”


Comfortable and Prepared

Whether you are new to temporary work or a seasoned temporary employee, the staff at The Resource Connection, Inc. makes it their goal to make sure every candidate is comfortable and prepared every step of the way.


Ta-Nisha was very interested in the first assignment we were placing her. She had gained experience when she worked as a Research Assistant in her school’s psychology department. Therefore, her interest in the position and her experience made her a great match. As a result her supervisors on the assignment were very pleased with her work.


The staff at The Resource Connection, Inc. is happy to recognize Ta-Nisha for her good work and name her as our Temporary Employee for the Month of January 2019.