Aashna A. has been a HUGE help to us as we were entering our most busy time of year and were down 2 staff members. Aashna’s supervisor on her temporary assignment continued, stating “It was a very stressful period as we dealt with this increased workload. But because Aashna is a very quick learner she had her main job function mastered in a matter of days. Additionally, she’s also taken on, and completed, multiple special projects for us.

We very much appreciate Aashna’s hard work, willingness to learn and help and her great attitude.

Wanted to hone skills and gain new ones

As a new graduate, Aashna said, “I wanted to be a temp so I could hone my skills.  Additionally, I can gain some new skills and figure out what kind of job I wanted. The Resource Connection was one of the first temp agencies I looked into. I really liked how they presented themselves and the fact that it was a woman-owned business. They also had great reviews which helped! From my initial interview to my now second placement in a temporary position, my experience with The Resource Connection has been excellent. They are always quick to respond, understanding, and ready to help you figure out a solution. After all, it’s how you want to be treated in a professional setting. It’s a great honor to be named Employee of the Month for April 2019”.

As a recent UMASS graduate, Aashna holds a BA in Economics and International Relations. She came to our agency in order to gain more experience, sharpen her skills, and pursue any opportunities available. She was professional and eloquent during her initial interview and presented herself well. Although she knew what she wanted, she was open to new ideas. Working temporary assignments offer employees opportunities to utilize the skills they have, to learn new skills and work in new environments. This would fit perfectly into what Aashna was looking for.

A great addition to any office

Aashna is organized, diligent, has good time management skills. Because of this and her pleasant phone demeanor and a calm personality she is a pleasant addition to any office. Additionally she is a hard worker, has good writing, proofreading and communications skills as well as solid computer skills. Also skills that make her a productive addition to an office.

Our clients appreciate the fact that Aashna is a quick learner who picks up their systems and processes quickly and is able to adapt to their office environments. We at The Resource Connection appreciate how polite and respectful Aashna is with everyone in our office as well as with our clients. We are proud to have Aashna as our Temp of the Month for April 2019.