Looking to gain experience in a professional working environment, Stanley T. reached out to The Resource Connection after he graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree.  Stanley comes from a psychics background, however, he is extremely knowledgeable in computer software and is seeking to grow his expertise in other fields.


Stanley said, “his experience with The Resource Connection has been very positive. They were able to provide me with many different job listings which would suit my skillset. I was able to receive constant and positive communication with my staffing coordinator. From the first position I applied for to my current job, she has been very helpful and attentive to getting me work. The Resource Connection has fulfilled my need for temporary work.  I would recommend their service for whomever may need working opportunities”.


Stanley’s staffing coordinator said that Stanley has been a pleasure to work with. He is always friendly and open to learning new things. He has been an asset to our company and we look forward to continuing to work with him.


Best of all, our client is extremely happy with Stanley and his work.  They said, “Stanley has been a delight to have in our Boston office.  He is extremely knowledgeable about using many applications and to date has needed little to no training.  Our team members ask him to do something once, and it is done.  Often he offers polite corrections or better ways to do things.  He is very independent and self-sufficient.  If he does not have anything to do, he will find something.  The staff are so appreciative of him”.  “Thank you so much for this individual –he is too good to be true”.

With such high praise from our client, it is a pleasure to select Stanley T. as our Temp of the Month for March 2019.