Diversity and inclusion have taken the spotlight in organizations today. With greater awareness, organizations are realizing the importance of hiring employees from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, ages, genders, sexual orientations, and expertise. As a result, the organization benefits in many ways, some of which are described below.

The Resource Connection, Inc. Recognized

The Resource Connection, Inc. (TRC), is proud to be recognized as one of OMNIKAL’s OMNI500 “Top Businesses” for 2019 in three categories. TRC, founded in 1987, is a temporary help/staffing services firm with offices in Middleton and Boston, MA.  It ranked 26th of the Top 100 Women Owned Businesses in Massachusetts and 40th of the Top 100 Diversity Owned Businesses in Massachusetts. In addition, it ranked 95th of the Top 100 Privately Held Businesses in Massachusetts. This is the seventh year in a row that TRC has been recognized in various categories on the annual list.

“We are very proud to be recognized again this year and to be in the company of so many outstanding businesses. Fostering inclusion and diversity is not only the right thing to do, but a critical competitive advantage in today’s marketplace,” said Janet Santa Anna, TRC’s president and CEO.

OMINKAL Focuses on Diversity and Inclusion

Each year OMNIKAL collects and compiles the data that creates the “Top Businesses Lists” on a state and national basis. The data is used to determine the top businesses and the most successful entrepreneurs across the United States.  Thus setting the foundation for awarding its “Top 500” nationally.

Since 1999, OMNIKAL has been recognized as the “Gold Standard of corporate excellence in diversity and inclusion.” OMNIKAL represents the voice of over 2.1 million business owners.  And it is the nation’s largest inclusive business organization.   Further, OMNIKAL is built to empower all entrepreneurs and small to medium sized businesses made up of a wide variety of American companies including many of the Fortune 100.

Benefits of Diversity and Inclusion

A diverse workforce can bring in numerous benefits to your organization, such as:

• Broader skill set & perspectives

An inclusive workforce is a highly-skilled one. When you hire people from different backgrounds, you infuse new blood into the organization. Consequently, a completely unique range of skills, expertise, and perceptions are brought to the table.

• Improved teamwork and coordination

One of the biggest advantages of having an inclusive workforce is that it fosters respect and acceptance between employees. As a result, bonds between colleagues are strengthened. In the end, this will significantly improve teamwork across the organization.

• Higher employee engagement

Organizations that champion inclusion often conduct diversity programs, which are designed to help employees become more sensitive towards and accepting of their colleagues. These events act as gateways for employee interactions.  In turn, they make everyone feel more included, respected, and valued in the organization.

• Better hiring results

Whether it’s permanent employment or a temporary position, one of the greatest challenges of hiring is attrition.  Always hiring the same type of employees will only serve to increase attrition rates.  On the other hand, hiring from different groups of individuals ensures that you try on new talent that may be more loyal to the organization.

• Enhanced reputation

Finally, an organization that champions diversity and inclusion will benefit from the goodwill of stakeholders.  These include employees, customers, investors, government, media etc. Ultimately this will improve the reputation and brand image of the company.

TRC Values Diversity and Inclusion

TRC is a women-owned staffing company with a reputation for attracting and placing the best candidates for its client companies. Drawing from a diverse pool of candidates helps our clients build an inclusive environment. And results in a high level of candidate and client satisfaction.