Keaslee S. is a college student who has worked temporary assignments for The Resource Connection, Inc. for 2 years during her breaks and summer vacations. Because she has great computer skills, she has been able to quickly and easily learn new software programs specific to the client companies where she has been assigned.

Impressed clients

Keaslee has proven to be very dependable and has accepted assignments for us even with short notice. She has worked on assignments that have evolved from basic to more complex. Additionally, she has impressed our clients with her ability to develop systems to get jobs done faster and accurately. Most importantly, clients have been so impressed with her abilities that her assignments have been extended. Also, she has attended training so she can assist our clients on more involved projects. Keaslee is pleasant, personable, sharp, bright, and well spoken. Our clients feel confident letting her work on her project independently and have always been impressed with the results.

A genuine pleasure

Keaslee said that “Working for The Resource Connection, Inc. has genuinely been a pleasure”. She appreciates the time and efforts our staff has put into finding her assignments.  She has always felt confident and well qualified to do the work on each assignment.  “The Resource Connection staff has been very welcoming.  It has been more than enjoyable and I am forever grateful for all their help finding me employment during summer breaks from college!”

Keaslee is a determined “go getter” who always follows policies and has completed all her work assignments for the clients while on her limited school break. We at The Resource Connection appreciate Keaslee’s flexibility, skills, and hard work she performs for our clients. She has made an amazing impression on each of her assignments so we are proud to name Keaslee S. as our Temporary Employee of the Month for June 2019.