The Resource Connection, Inc. (TRC) is proud to select Paula B. as its 2019 Staffing Employee of the Year.

Since registering with TRC, Paula has successfully completed 19 assignments.  She is extremely reliable, flexible and often takes on one or two day assignments with very little notice.  She has filled in on data entry, reception, and general administrative assignments.  TRC knows that we can count on her to do an excellent job everywhere she goes.  She is often requested back from our clients and that is the best compliment we can get.

Our staffing coordinator said “Paula is able to adapt easily to the different work environments our clients have and most of our clients have requested her back when they have openings.”

Working different temporary assignments helps Paula to keep her work and computer skills sharp, which she continues to impress our clients with. Paula has always represented our agency in a positive and professional manner.

Working with TRC is most satisfying

“After a career in the government, I applied for part time work through TRC. For the past 4 years, I have enjoyed the variety of positions.” Paula B. said.  “The thing I like the best is TRC can keep me as busy as I want to be at this time of my career and working with the staff at TRC is most satisfying.”

Why Temporary Help Works

Paula is the perfect example of Choice, Jobs, and Flexibility, three of the five key words that represent why temporary help works for so many individuals. After retiring, Paula thought temporary work would fit in well for her.  The Idea of being able to work when she wants and where she wants appealed to her.  The knowledge she brings to her assignments, her reliability and flexibility make her make her an ideal temporary employee for our clients.

We are honored to have Paula on our team and appreciate how well she represents our agency and industry.

We are proud to select Paula B. as our Staffing Employee of the Year for 2019.