Staying social safely is difficult in our current environment.  As they say – people are social beings. Social interactions are crucial for a person to boost their positivity, change your mood for the better, feel happy and satisfied, and maintain overall wellness. Without such social interactions, a person begins to feel unhappy, unsafe, and unsecure. However, with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there are numerous challenges to interacting socially and staying safe simultaneously.

Challenges posed by COVID-19 regarding safe social interactions

  • One can no longer sit in a café or another public place with their family and friends without fearing contracting the virus.
  • Gyms, yoga studios, parks, are no longer safe for people to interact with each other without masks.
  • As winter approaches, the colder climate will further limit any outdoor activities that one could enjoy.
  • Social interactions in places such as concerts, pubs, and more, are a major health risk and no longer feasible.

Options for staying social safely during the COVID-19 pandemic

Even with so many challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, one can still socialize safely. Here are some tips for you to be safe outside while you try and boost your overall wellness.

Stay aware and up-to-date

Before you venture out of your house for social interactions, it is crucial that you are aware and up-to-date regarding all social distancing regulations in your area. While using face masks are now mandatory indoors and at many outdoor venues, your local public health authority can let you know about any other regulations as well.  Monitor COVID statistic in your state and locality.

Commute responsibly

 We recommend choosing places that can be reached on foot. This largely limits your contact with strangers and helps you follow social distancing rules as well. However, in other cases, you might want to carpool with a close friend or family member you are confident are being safe rather than using public transport.

Choose low-risk activities

During the COVID pandemic, it is nearly impossible to eliminate all risk.  But, you can reduce the risk. CDC suggests that going to a spacious café or a luncheon hosted at someone’s house, outdoors when possible, are the most low-risk social activities to take part in. When indoors, be sure there is good ventilation. Also, the CDC recommends wearing a face mask at all times and maintaining at least a six foot distance from others. Other recommended activities include outdoor exercise such as walking, hiking, biking or just spending time in a park with a few friends.  Just be sure mask and social distancing guidelines are being followed.

Opt for online socializing

Social media can sometimes be more harmful that helpful to our overall wellness. Thus, we suggest trying online social interactions that are not limited to social media. Some options include attending an online book club, an online happy hour or lunch gathering, and the like. These social interactions can be easily hosted on platforms such as Zoom or Google Hangouts.  Look for online activities that are socially positive rather than those that could tend to keep you isolated.

Reach out to help

Volunteering during COVID-19 can be very rewarding. You will not only improve your wellness but also help out the community. Participate in a volunteer drive by providing meals, PPE equipment, and more. If nothing else, ask around in your neighborhood if someone needs regular help buying groceries, especially the elderly, ill people, or new mothers.


While striving to achieve good mental and physical wellness during the COVID-19 pandemic is crucial, one must not forget to follow all guidelines given by the CDC. Steer clear of crowded places and use a face mask when venturing out, no matter what. Carry a sanitizer with you and be sure to sanitize your hands regularly. Remember, responsible social interactions not only help you stay happy and positive but also enable you to contribute towards fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Staying social safely by lowering risk is possible and important.  Stay safe and healthy.

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