Technical competence and experience related to the job are of course the basic capabilities that employers look for in candidates. But there are also other skills and characteristics that employers look for in job candidates to determine potential for success.

Being aware of these characteristics and “soft” skills is important to achieve an edge in interviews for jobs that you really want. You can explain to recruiting officers how these skills have been helping you succeed.

So, how can you truly impress your interviewers? What do they wish to see before saying yes to a candidate’s employment?

Enthusiasm for the Job

As a job-seeker for a specific role, you got to have an enthusiasm for the role you are applying for. A lethargic approach to your work conveys a lack of passion. Tell your hiring managers why you find the role interesting. Explain how you would make a positive change if you are hired. Research the company and your role beforehand to be able to identify improvement areas and applicable strategies.

Cultural Match

A candidate’s cultural fit to an organization is a critical requirement. You may ace the interview in terms of technical capability, but cultural incompatibility may make you lose your opportunity.

Research the organization in advance to know about their culture. Look for former colleagues or mentors that may currently be an employee of the organization. Go through employer review/ feedback websites, and professional networking platforms, to understand the company’s culture.

A Collaborative Mindset

A collaborative mindset promotes fresh energy, optimistic outlook, creative thinking, teamwork, enhanced productivity and employee unity. Collaboration also motivates employees to constantly learn something new. A passion for collaboration is therefore crucial for a candidate.

Excellent Communication Skills

Communication that is timely and thoughtful is crucial to prevent workplace problems early and to minimize the risk of escalating matters. Sensible and sensitive communication is an important tool to help an organization succeed in these digital times.

Employers look for excellent written and oral skills both on and off digital media. From your email communication to how you speak and behave during a video conference are all important.

Some ways you can demonstrate your communication skills in an interview include:

  • Paying attention to your interviewers (active listening)
  • Asking relevant questions (thoughtful communication)
  • Responding/ explaining in a clear and concise way (the art of keeping communication simple)
  • Thanking the interviewers by name after the interview (sensitive communication)

Personal Attributes

Personal characteristics such as commitment, honesty, optimism and adjustability, and skills such as critical thinking and proactive problem-solving are highly valued.

An ability to maintain professionalism such as being punctual, adhering to project deadlines, and addressing customer issues promptly, conveys that you value people, time and money.

People with such qualities are capably guided by their inner drive. They are not afraid of hard work and often take initiatives voluntarily. They motivate others too with their personality and work approach.

Such candidates are preferred because they add great value to the work they do, to the team, and to the overall organization.

Be Empowered for your Next Interview

Now that you are aware of the qualities that recruiting managers are looking for, you can attend job interviews with more clarity and confidence. Highlight how you brought value to your previous roles using these qualities. Show your employers why you are the right candidate.  To understand how employers may evaluate these attributes check out our post Evaluating Soft Skills when Hiring.

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