The onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic changed everyday life as we knew it. In addition to transforming our personal lives, it also had a huge impact on our professional lives. As the pandemic subsides and businesses gear back up, it may not be easy getting back to work in our “new normal” environment.

Many individuals, particularly those whose work could not be done remotely were laid off or placed on reduced hours as businesses coped with the impacts of COVID. The past year has proved to be financially and emotionally taxing on people all over the globe. Many working mothers voluntarily gave up their employment due to child-care needs exacerbated by kids not being able to attend school in person for much of the time.

As the world heals, everything is slowly getting back to something approaching normal. Businesses are back to hiring and recruiting new employees and the workers are ready to return to work. For many, the transition may feel a bit unnatural, but we are hopeful that these workplace tips will help employees ease into their post COVID workplaces.

How Transitioning Back to Work Will Become Easier

When you have not seen your office in over a year, it is only natural that restarting work once again would feel quite unsettling. Returning to a more structured environment may also be a challenge.  Here is how you can settle in and be comfortable at your old workplace or a new one.


  • Planning ahead can make all the difference in how you perform at work. Instead of arriving at work haphazardly, prior planning can help you get on top of your work and it will give you enough confidence to not feel jittery during your first week back.

Rethinking your Options

  • If you lost your job or had to reduce your hours sometime during the pandemic, this might be a good opportunity to rethink your employment options. The temporary stop that this pandemic brought gave people time to restructure their lives from the ground up.  It wouldn’t hurt to see if you want to do the same. Staffing agencies may also be able to help you with opportunities suited to your specific skill set.
  • Think about what type of position will motivate you and would benefit from your skills and experience.  Currently, there are many job opportunities and employers are having difficulty recruiting candidates. Take advantage of this and prepare yourself as you apply for new positions.  Check out these posts for tips to help you land the position you want:  Resume Mistakes to Avoid and Must Do’s for a Successful Job Interview.


  • Try to stay positive and flexible at work. Almost everyone at work will be going through a similar transition phase. When you’re positive, it’ll reflect in your work and you’ll receive positivity in return.

Understanding the Financial Importance of Work

  • Many families had to bear the brunt of increasing expenses and reduced income. Understanding your financial needs and taking into account how they can be covered with your work will help you look forward to a smooth transition.

Consider Your Work Options

  • Employers have also been extremely accommodating of their employees’ requests during this period. Reach out to your employer and inquire about the various ways you can work for them. Be it as temporary help, part-time or a full-time remote worker, you should know what options you have at your disposal.

Take New Workplace Safety Procedures Seriously

  • After the year everyone has had, people are increasingly concerned about their safety, and rightly so. Make sure that you follow all safety instructions of your workplace and maintain hygiene around yourself.

Be Patient

  • Your coworkers are most likely going through the same things as you. So even when the job stress hits, make sure you are patient with them and exercise empathy.

Stay positive and good luck getting back to work in the “new normal”!