“I struggled to find a good job after earning a degree. Working with The Resource Connection has proven to be the best opportunity for a great position.” That is what Julianne B. said about her job search after she graduated college. During her initial interview with our staffing coordinator, it was noted that Julianne was friendly and professional candidate. Because of that we knew right away we had a promising employee.  In late 2019, Julianne started working a temporary assignment for The Resource Connection. Then, unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic hit and our client had to shut down their office. As soon as our client was able to bring people back to work, Julianne was one of the first people ready and eager to return. I think this speaks to her work ethic as well as her reliability.

I Take Pride In What I do

My work is very important to me, Julianne added.  Because of that, I take pride in what I do and who I work for and I hope my work reflects that.  Julianne’s staffing coordinator did agree with her by stating that “we have always received positive feedback from our client regarding Julianne work”. In addition, Julianne has been very communicative with us. She responds quickly to our phone calls and always makes sure she updates us on any changes with her assignment.

TRC Is The Most Kind and Understanding

Julianne said “I have worked with another temporary staffing agencies before.  The Resource Connection and the client where I am assigned has been the most kind and understanding.” We are so happy to have Julianne working for The Resource Connection and glad we were able to be the best opportunity for her to find work. We hope we are able to work with her for many years to come.

Julianne’s reliability, work ethic, quality of work and positive attitude is why she has been selected as The Resource Connection’s temporary employee of for the 2nd quarter 2021. Congratulations Julianne!